Frequently Asked Questions

Your chosen character will arrive 30 minutes before the start of the party, fully equipped with music, games, crafts, magic tricks and prizes. On arrival we will call you to ensure that we are discreet and the character appearance remains a total surprise for the birthday child. The character will be there before the children’s arrival time to make sure they are all present for the grand entrance! We recommend that food is served either before or after the entertainment to ensure the magical costumes remain perfect.

We supply only the entertainment side of the party (music, games, magic tricks etc). We bring all our own equipment so all we will need is access to a plug point and a separate room for the characters to get ready in, as we like to keep the fairytale magic for everyone.

The location of your party is entirely up to you. Pixie Princess Parties is flexible to meet your needs. You may host your party at home, in a church/village hall, or any other suitable location. If you are unsure of the best location to host the party Pixie Princess Parties is happy to recommend locations close to your home.

Our characters need enough room for your little ones to comfortably sit in a circle on the floor. We recommend at minimum an average sized family room with any furniture in the middle moved to the side. During the party your little guests will be dancing, playing games, doing crafts and sitting down for storytime etc.

We recommend up to 25 children per character, and we can provide 2 characters for your party which means we can accommodate a maximum 50 children.

Once we receive your deposit as per our booking conditions it is non-refundable. This is because we will have reserved your time and date on the performers schedule so they cannot be booked for other parties. However, your deposit can be used to book an alternative party date within 6 months of original booking, based on availability.

The party is booked into the performers schedule and therefore cannot be delayed as they have a schedule to keep. If some of your guests arrive late, it is recommended that they join in the party on arrival.

Pixie Princess Parties are available to host parties 7 days a week starting at 10.00 to 18.30 (Last party finish time is 18.30)

Parties are suitable for all ages from 2 upwards.

Boys are welcome to attend all of our parties and enjoy them as much as the girls. We even provide pirate crafts and games for them too.

As the characters are carrying magical dresses, equipment and games a parking space as close to the location as possible must be made available.

If your party is located outdoors, please make sure that the area is free of thorny bushes, mud, or standing water. Our characters are not allowed to stay outside if it rains due to their magical costumes and wigs. For this reason we recommend you have an inside location planned as a backup.